Why do we use water activated tape?

Why do we use water activated tape?

The features and benefits behind our choice to use a more expensive tape.

Heat packs are heavy! Anyone who has ordered large quantities online knows how heavy a package of them can be when it arrives at your doorstep. That said, we've shipped thousands of boxes of product and initially we used clear carton sealing tape to seal our boxes. It only took a few broken boxes and upset customers to send us looking for a better solution. That solution came in the form of W-A-T or Water Activated Tape. This blog post will go over the benefits of W-A-T and why a customer like yourself can be assured that we've gone the extra mile to make sure your package will show up in one piece.

As described above, water is a key component in the application of W-A-T.  The tape is wetted by brushes while being feed through a dispenser.  This wetting activates the adhesive and allows for a permanent and extremely secure bond.  So secure that this tape once applied leaves a "tamper-evident" seal.

Not all water activated tape is reinforced, but the variety we use is!  That means our tape has strands of fiberglass running lengthwise and diagonally across the width of the tape.  These reinforcing strands add additional strength to all the seams of the shipping box.  It's these fiberglass fibers that really boost the tape's durability.

We don't skimp!  Others might use one piece of tape to seal their boxes.  We use "H" seams on the top and bottom of our boxes to ensure we do as much as possible to ensure your boxes arrives intact.

As an additional bonus...!  We use a BetterPack dispenser.  This dispenser allows us to more efficiently pack boxes and improve the consistency of our packaging.  It's small efficiency gains like these that allow us to make sure we deliver on our promise of next day shipping.

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